EDILA365 Social, the heartbeat of our purpose-driven brand. We're all about supporting programs and charities that align with our mission—boosting mental health and personal well-being. It's a straightforward idea, and we're making it happen together.

Against each product is the percentage of that sale that we donate to charity on your behalf. We also go a step further, at check out you select where that donation goes from three options: People, Planet or Place.

As our community grows so to will EDILA365’s Social Purpose.


Without a healthy planet, how can we be healthy people. We support the three pillars of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Our products have been tested to ensure they deliver durability, our vision is to stop fast fashion!

Our range has been designed to mix and match: whether its from our active or casual collection, each piece can be worn and look good when you’re living life.

Our packaging has been reduced or eliminated to minimise waste. The cardboard is recycled and recyclable, the mailers are compostable at home.

Our vision is to continue to innovate and drive sustainable change across all products and services we offer as we grow.

 If you have any ideas or feedback for how we can continue to reduce our footprint we want to speak with you:

We are a community and together we can make an impact,