EDILA365 – Life with purpose

Every Day I Live Active,
365 days a year, I will deliver a life with purpose.

What is a life with purpose and why do we think it's important?

A life with purpose is a life lived in the present and to the fullest.



I’m Mike the founder of EDILA365. Throughout my life I have been faced with challenges across career, health and family. Moving through the challenges life has thrown at me at times I have felt lonely, and other times supported. When supported life is a little easier as we focus on what is important and are reminded of the good things life offers us.


EDILA365 is my vision to help others be supported in life’s challenges. Launching with a range of products, my long term vision is that we are way more than a brand. With your involvement we create a community that shares experiences, learns together and supports each other so we can live life with purpose.