EDILA365 isn't a brand; it's a community, a movement, a way of living for those of us who have felt the weight of life's pressures and transitions. We are a group of like-minded individuals, bound together by the shared journey from carefree independence to a life where responsibilities mount and priorities shift. It's a journey where we sometimes forget to put ourselves first. 

But here, within the embrace of EDILA365, we're rewriting that narrative. We're igniting a fire within you, a fire that burns with self-care and personal well-being. Because we believe, with every fiber of our beings, that it's from this place of self-nourishment that you can set the world on fire.

EDILA365 is your partner on this transformative journey. As a startup, we've started by offering clothing and accessories that not only make you feel good but also make the planet smile. With your support, we'll continue to expand our offerings, introducing services and resources aimed at nurturing your personal well-being.

 Join us at EDILA365 and let's embark on this incredible journey together. Let's inspire, uplift, and empower each other. Together, we will turn each day into a masterpiece of purpose and well-being. Your story is our story, and together, we'll make every day count."

 A short version

Our mission? It's simple yet profound. We're here to help you become the best version of yourself. We want to see you living your life with purpose, every single day. Because we believe in you, we believe in us, and we believe that every day is an opportunity to live active, to live with purpose.


In the same way we believe individuals should live a life
with purpose, we believe businesses should operate with purpose.

Our purpose at EDILA365 is to have an active social conscience. Going beyond social and environmental policies and statements but having real, tangible and meaningful ways of working to benefit society and the

For now, we are small but we have taken every effort to
recruit like minded factories, source the most sustainable materials, create high quality products that last, and contribute to the betterment of society through supporting causes that are aligned to living a life with purpose.

We have visited our factories, met the owners and the team,
checked out the working conditions and asked ourselves would we be happy working here. Its only then we are happy working with them. You’ll see some of the personal stories of our production team in upcoming blogs.

We’re small so we don’t have a material innovation department, not yet anyway. So, we had to understand how we could reduce our footprint using what we could access. Our solution increase the longevity of our products through quality and source the most sustainable materials we can access, whilst reducing or eliminating product packaging.

Do you know in Australia we throw out on average 24kg of
clothes a year and buy 27kg – that’s fast fashion and that’s all unnecessary production, transport and landfill (maybe this could be a burst image or something)

‘EDILA365 Social’ underlines our approach to our community
and society. We want to impact society in a positive way 365 days a year. We have partnered with xyz and are extremely proud to donate to them on behalf of our community. On each product page you’ll see EDILA365 Social, next to it is a value which relates to the donation they will receive from that product purchase.

You see EDILA365 is more than a brand, we are driving personal connection and building a community of like minded people. We believe together we can help us all live a more meaningful life, a life with purpose.



We are EDILA365, a bunch of like-minded people who've are on a journey. Our mission?
To help you live a life with real purpose. Here's how it all began.


Our founder, Mike, once thought that the perfect life was all about checking off the 'success' boxes. You know, the whole deal: school, uni, a snazzy corporate job, owning stuff, driving the right car, and looking like you've got it all on Instagram. But here's the twist – behind those perfect snapshots, life was far from perfect. Anxiety and depression were constant companions, and Mike couldn't figure out why he doubted himself so much.


Fast forward to December 2022, when things got seriously tough. The idea of calling it quits crossed Mike's mind. But he took a different turn. With a help from a clinical psychologist, he started peeling back the layers of that 'perfect' life to explore the imperfections. It was a journey of self-discovery, digging into the concept of purpose and what it means to truly live life with it.


Now, Mike's still on that journey, and he's not claiming to be perfect. But what he's realised is the incredible value of having a personal purpose when it comes to mental well-being. It's about improving the real stuff in life: relationships, sleep, how you talk to people, finding calm, feeling content, and knowing where you're headed. It's about making a positive impact on those around you and the world we live in.


So, what's EDILA365 all about? It's Mike's way of sharing this transformative experience with the world. We're here to bring people together, to help you reflect on your own journey, and to support you in making positive changes that lead to a life with purpose.


Our vision is pretty simple: we want to make society better. We're doing it by offering products and services that encourage personal growth and fulfilment. And here are our three guiding principles:


1. **Fair Prices:** We're all about making things affordable, so everyone can join the journey.


2. **Positive Impact:** We're here to contribute positively to society, one step at a time.


3.**Earth-Friendly:** We're taking a green approach because taking care of our Earth is just as important as taking care of ourselves.


That's the EDILA365 way. Come join us on this awesome adventure!